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Divya Daya Chand School
 Bhokar, Maharashtra   



D - Divine is this place for us
I -   Inspiration and intellect you train us
V - Value of good morals you teach us
Y - You are precious and you will I be
A - Ardent respect we have for thee

D - Devotion to God, of any faith may be
A - All are one that’s equality
Y - Yes! We all enjoy here
A - Always admired of all institutions, DDC will be

C - Character we got, so precious, it cannot be bought
H - Helping hand we learn to lend
A -Always learn to serve
N - No matter who or where
D - Divya Daya Chand light will always shine there
                             Compiled by the students of standard VI



In a village away from cities so cool
Is our beloved Divya Daya Chand School
In a village godown with a few students it began
Increasing slowly but steadily today our own building stands

Just a principal and one teacher alone
Divya Daya Trust with strong will is known

Dreamt to make it a big institution
Encouraged by friends, well-wishers and their institutions
AAEI shared the dream and gave a helping hand
Slowly, steadily this plant is growing into a tree
From KG to STD VI for all to see

With teachers who with love and care

Guide and teach us with affection and dedication so rare
Each student is given personal care
The glories that the students bring we all share
Our school with every potential has begun
In Bhokar, Kanapur, Kamalpur, Gujarwadi
Pachegaon, Pimpalgaon, Bamathan and Takliban
From all these villages our buses run
Learning here is of great fun

We are grateful to our management
Who for this school began
We want to express our gratitude

For all your love and fortitude
Whether hot or cold, rain or shine
Divya Daya Chand lights will always shine


Just Imagine
One evening an ant and elephant were playing.  As it was late, elephant’s father came in search of him.  The frightened elephant said, “Oh my father will thrash me now.”
Sweetly and calmly the ant said, “Hide behind my back.”

What did one ghost say to another?
“Do you believe in people?”



Drawing and painting add color to our lives and that is what happened to us.
Drawing and coloring is great fun and yet it is a scoring subject.  As part of our Arts syllabus, we have drawing and painting once a week.  It is really fun to learn with colors.  To give us thorough knowledge of this a special tutor was called to train us in drawing, painting and coloring.  It is because of the kindness and hospitality of Rev. Fr. Steven Almeida, principal of St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School that we were given an opportunity to appear for the elementary drawing exam conducted by the Maharashtra Board.  We had 6 papers:

  1. Still Life
  2. Nature drawing
  3. Memory drawing
  4. Free hand drawing
  5. Design
  6. Geometrical drawing

During these two days Fr. Steven was kind to give us comfortable place to rest and sleep and also gave us nutritious and tasty meals.  In the evening we played and enjoyed.  After all the papers, Fr. Steven showed us an English movie, Dinosaurs.  We all enjoyed this movie.  This was a pleasant time we had in Gogargaon.  We are grateful to our management and teachers, Patare Sir, and above all to Rev. Fr. Steven.  With your help we made it a success.



Computer, computer, computer
You never hesitate to show your awesome monitor.
Deep in thought and quick in action,
You bring magic with very little distraction.
We owe your life to Charles Babbage,
Who gave you life and made you the wonder of this age.
You fill the world with your intellectual power
And color the civilizations with your fine décor.
To a teacher you are a teaching aid,
To a learner you act as an enchanted boon.
It is worth calling you the miracle maker
For making our lives faster and be



In the year 2002, June, Divya Daya Trust started an English medium Kindergarten in our village.  It was in a godown that we first learnt to write A.  We were happy there yet there were many problems.  We had no proper ground and we had our first sports on the ground of another school.  In rainy season water would come in.  But in all this there was joy and our academic studies were never neglected.  We are grateful to the society of Bhokar, Gram Panchayat of Bhokar for giving us the rooms as and when there was need.  We are also grateful to Mr. Patare who helped us with the rooms.

But that was our memorable past.  Then came our sweet today.

As time went by God sent His angels to help us and through the intervention of Rev. Sr. Noeline Pinto, Dr. Anand Dyal Chand and Mrs. Alda Dyal Chand visited us in our old school.   AAEI who had a similar dream shared it with DDT; thoughts and ideas mingled and matched.  Today because of their great help we have our own and beautiful school with a big playground.

It was on the 16 of June 2007 we entered the new school - DIVYA DAYA CHAND SCHOOL - and our little hearts were full of happiness and excitement.  What a great day it was for all of us!  We all joyously entered into a beautiful and spacious building.

Our school is like a beautiful garden and we are small and big flowers in this DIVYA DAYA CHAND GARDEN.  Besides the books, pens, papers and pencils, the surrounding itself appeals and invites us to be one with nature as we have a variety of beautiful flowers, trees, colorful birds and other animals.  Their chirping and singing refreshes and renews us giving us pleasant moments.

This is our small but own Divya Daya Chand world.



A cat can run about 20 km. Per hour [12 miles] when it grows up.

At an estimated population of 40 million, there are more than twice as many kangaroos as people in Australia.  There are more than 50 kinds of kangaroos.

Did you know that sailor, dead leaf, paper kite, blue striped crow, Julia and great egg fly are all names of butterflies?  The original name of butterfly is flutterfly.

The largest frog in the world is called the Goliath frog.  Frogs start their lives as eggs often laid near fresh water.  Frogs live on all continents except Antarctica.  Frogs belong to a group of animals called amphibians.

No two zebras have stripes that are alike.  Zebra’s enemies include hyenas, wild dogs and lions.  Male zebras are called stallions.  Zebras mainly travel in herds.

Compiled by Sanket Patare


A letter

Mathematical Nagar
Calculus Street
15 19’.

My Dear Trigonometry,

With due calculation I am asking your opinion about the marriage of my son Zero with your daughter Century.  I have already consulted with Mr. Statistics.  You also know that they love each other very much.  You know that my son Zero is obtained by many students in exams.  I think the match is suitable.  Would you kindly tell me after consulting with the formulas and tables, the suitable date for multiplication ceremony.

With kind regards,
Yours proportionally,




Some general behaviors are good and acceptable while others are considered as rude and unacceptable and in poor taste in normal school situations:

  1. Address the teacher politely and respectfully
  2. Be punctual to school
  3. Do not dominate the classroom discussions
  4. Do not chat in the classroom
  5. Do not eat or drink in the classroom
  6. Do not chat during classroom discussions or while few students are giving oral reports
  7. Do not confront the teachers angrily


DID YOU KNOW??????????

A single episode of laughter contracts 15 facial muscles

Music is mathematical


What a joke!!
A wife was asked, “ Which book do you like the most?
The wife answered, “My husband’s cheque book.”



Life is cricket
Point loss by a wicket
If you hit the ball to the boundary
Then in life you will get a century.
Sachin Tendulkar is the gem of Indian cricket
It gives great pleasure to anyone who takes his wicket



Projects enrich us, as we take part in projects through dramatic plays, constructions, paintings and drawings.  These activities are also related to our lives outside school.  Project work offers us opportunities to do first-hand research in science and social science and to represent our findings in a variety of ways.  We also have many occasions in the course of our project to apply basic math and language skills and knowledge. 

A Sample of Our Science Projects

  1. Biogas
    A biogas plant was constructed in the school campus and presented.
  2. Grandma’s Medicines
    All the students collected various medicinal herbs from the surroundings and presented their medicinal values and how to prepare medicines.  We learnt so many herbal remedies and how to make simple medicines at home.
  3. Indigenous Solar Cooker
    Sun is the unending source of energy for the earth.  It is the non-conventional source of energy.
    We made solar cookers using a wooden plank, a scooter tube, and a glass piece.  We cooked rice and dhal in containers painted black.
  4. The students used a coconut to show the layers of the earth’s structure.  The husk represented the crust and the coconut milk inside represented the magna.  A rock collection was included as part of the project.
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