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Bhokar Village where the school is located, is a dusty village
of 6,220 people surrounded by several such villages and hamlets
with a total population exceeding 100,000.
Bhokar Village
A Culture of Poverty
Each day is a struggle for survival. The average family income is under $500 a year.
There is total dependence on rain in a drought prone area.
Itinerant workers provide unskilled labor for road construction or sugarcane cutting during harvesting season.
75% of the population is of backward castes or tribes.
The illiteracy rate among men is 50% and among women 70 to 75%. The index of measuring literacy is any person who can sign his/her name.
Men go to neighboring towns for daily wage unskilled work. Many contract AIDS and bring it back to the village. The high incidence of AIDS has orphaned many children.
Due to malnutrition, children often have diseases related to vitamin deficiency.
Amenities for health, hygiene and sanitation are few to non-existent.
Although the struggle for survival is primary, parents are beginning to realize the importance of education. They dream of educating their children and consider it the only hope for the future.
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